cmos Video Camera Modules

Cmos Video Camera Modules

These are cmos, NOT CCD, video camera modules. The resolution is fast approaching CCD resolution. For many purposes like security systems, video phones, industrial machine monitoring, pornography, spying & toys, a high resolution is not required and the physical size and cost of the camera are more important considerations. These cmos cameras are manufactured in Hong Kong itself (not in China.) They use Omni Vision sensors. Note that these are not direct consumer items. Some assembly like attaching a regulated power supply is required. They are ideal for experimenters & hobbyists.

For black & white modules, EIA is 60Hz for the north American market; CCIR is 50Hz for the rest of the world.

 For color NTSC is for the USA, PAL is for (most) of the rest of the world.

 In the lens specifications, f is focal length, F is aperture.


A64. Cam-2 miniature cmos camera, monochrome, CCIR

16mm square (5/8" square) by 15mm high. 5V low cost, low power and very small!
Cam-2 Specification Sheet

You can see the Omnivision OV5016 sensor in the back.

C-Cam-8 miniature cmos camera, color, PAL or NTSC

The smallest possible color cmos camera module.

Cam-8 Specification Sheet

1/3" B/W Camera Module M3185 CCIR

Picture shows PCB without lens & mounting and the sensor.

This is a higher resolution camera than the M3085/86 previously offered.

M3185/86 Specification Sheet

There is only 1 lens option:

  • f3.8mm, F2.0 FOV 65deg x 50deg (wide FOV)

1/3" Color Camera Module C3186A NTSC, C3185A PAL

C3185A/86A Specification Sheet

 This is the latest, high resolution cmos color camera available.

 There is only 1 lens option:

  • f6.0mm, F1.6

The following DIGITAL cmos camera modules and evaluation boards are for the true hobbyist and technical developer. They give you full control over all signals in the camera.

1/3" B/W Camera Module M4088 with Digital Output

Picture shown without optional mounting & lens.

 M4088 Specification Sheet. The lens mounting comes with the camera. It is removed in the picture to show the Omnivision sensor.

 Lens Options:

  • f7.4mm, F2.1, FOV 31.7deg x 24.4deg
  • f3.8mm, F2.0, FOV 59.9deg x 45.7deg
  • f4.9mm, F2.8

1/3" B/W Camera Module M3188 with Digital Output

M3188 Specification Sheet. 

The lens mounting comes with the camera. It is removed in the picture to show the Omnivision sensor.

 Lens Option:

  • f3.7mm, F2.0

1/3" Color Camera Module C3188 with Digital Output

C3188 Specification Sheet

 Lens Option:

  • f6.0mm, F1.6

Evaluation Boards

Evaluation Board EV38 Specification Sheet for M/C 3088/3188 Digital cmos Cameras.

User manual and software. Revised dec 8, 1999.

Evaluation Board EV48 Specification Sheet for M4088 Digital cmos Cameras.

User manual and software

A data sheet on the OmniVision ICs is available. The ICs themselves may be available for sale. Ask for which ones you are interested in. Ask for prices on bigger quantities of camera modules.

All cameras are tested before shipment. You MUST use a 5V voltage regulator circuit on the input where required. Do not use a common unregulated plugpack. On some cameras an unregulated 9V plugpack is OK.

 You may download the data sheets of all Omnivision chips from