Tube Monoblock Power Amplifier

Legend has it that the rare"Single-Plate" 2A3 Directly Heated Triode (circa 1932) is the most liner and best sounding output tube ever used in audio. Superior in detail and musical expression to the more easily obtained "double plated" 2A3, the 300B and high voltage tubes such as the 845, and the 211. But the original single plate 2A3 is low powered, scarce and expensive, and has not been duplicated by the new wave of tube makers-until now.

This  year (1998) a newly designed version of this magical tube was release by Dr. Kron of KR Enterprise (famous for their VV, and new KR, range of directly heated power tubes). Labelled the KR2A3, it uses their patented construction methods and is the most rugged, powerful and the best soundinf 2A3 ever made - and the Vacuum State PP1-KR2A3 extracts it's superb performance to the full.

The exclusive Vacuum State fully differential circuit topology, carefully matched to these new output tubs, results in a naturalness of sound simply not available from amplifiers using lessor output tubes.
The KR2A3 super linearity allows very low levels of distortion without needing negative feedback - enchancing dynamics and transient performance, and providing wonderous musicality.

Far from being a lessor technology, many amplifier manufacturers who sell trendy single-ended (SE) amplifiers have gone on record to say they actually prefer the sound of push-pull configurations in their own systems - but only when used with directly heated triodes.
Blending a high tech front end with the latest of directly heated triode output tubes, the Vacuum State PP1-KR2A3 will match the beautiful unrestrained sonics of the best SE amplifiers, and add some musical strengths og it's own!


Concept -                   Two stage fully differential push-pull, no negative feedback.
                                  Current sourced cascode differential drive stage utilising 2 X 6922 tubes
                                  feeding 2 X KR2A3 Directly-Heated-Triode in differential push-pull.
                                  Choke input filtered Power Supply.

Bandwidth -               5Hz. to 75KHz.

Power Output -          8 Watts RMS (per monoblock)

Distortion -                 Harmonic - less than 0.1%
                                  Intermodulation - less than 0.1%

Chassis Dimensions - Length 380mm X Wide 125mm X Height 62mm (per monoblock)