Professional Near Field Studio Monitor
MODEL TSM-300 is a compact 2-way Near Field Studio Monitor speaker system developed for final mix applications in todayís professional digital studio environment. In keeping with TADís speaker design philosophy of accurate sound reproduction, we have combined a newly designed single high-frequency compression driver and twin Linear Power response woofers, with a proprietary designed round aperture horn which offers imaging reality not found in conventional style speaker systems.

LINEAR POWER RESPONSEdesign woofers are used in a vertical-twin method to make the sound source a virtual point. The primary feature of the Linear Power Response design woofers in the TSM-300 is the edgeless structure, which allows a more accurate reproduction of sound by driving the speaker cone only. With conventional speakers, edges are required for supporting speaker cone movements thus the amplitude range of the cone is restricted within the moving range of the outer edge. In addition, the edge also vibrates along with the speaker cone to radiate unwanted noise as well as promoting stress deformation of the cone under moderate sound levels.

Additional features of the Linear Power Response design include a wider frequency response range and higher power handling. In low frequencies, sound volume is defined by the volume of air to be moved by cone amplitude. With the edgeless Linear Power design, unrestricted movement of the cone is possible to permit high-power input without compromising sound accuracy.

TITANIUM DIAPHRAGM COMPRESSION DRIVER also newly developed by TAD utilizes a 1 inch titanium oxide diaphragm and a 1 inch slit phasing plug. Signal conversion loss is eliminated by a precisely adjusted phase plug and edgewise coil directly wound on bobbin. Resonance created at bottom side of voice coil is removed by encapsulating magnetic fluid within the magnetic gap. 

AFAST-SZ (Acoustical Filter Assisted System Tuning) HORN utilizes TADís long tradition of AFAST technology combined with a round design which matches the aperture size to the twin woofers. This unique design equalizes directionality of the sound generated which radiates sound from a virtual horn axis. This enables the reproduction of clear, rich sound with highly accurate imaging not found in traditional coaxial speaker designs. With AFAST-SZ technology, acoustic pipes are installed on the horn wall to absorb resonance and to prevent the back and forth shifting problem of acoustic imaging. 
TSM-300 Chart

TSM-300 Studio Monitor

Speaker Features

  • Twin Linear Power LF drivers 
  • Compression Driver with Titanium Diaphragm
  • Magnetically Shielded
TSM-300 Tractrix Horn

"AFAST-SZ" Technology


Impedance: 6 ohm
Frequency Range: 35Hz - 35,000Hz
Woofers: Two 6 inch Linear Power woofers
Horn: 1 inch AFAST-SZ Titanium Compression Driver
Input Capacity Max 160W
Sensitivity: 88dB/W (1m)
Crossover Frequency: 3,000Hz
Dimensions: 9 5/16(W) x 20 3/8(H) x 12 3/16(D)inches
Shell: Magnetically Shielded
Weight: 23 lb
TSM-300 Application in Recording Studio