The Lamhorn 1.8
Lamhorn 1.8
The Lamhorn 1.8 in Red Oak Finish
The Lamhorn 1.8 has been designed with the listener in mind.

Over 3 years of research and development, study, measurements and listening to most original and current Lowther designs, has led to the development of the Lamhorn 1.8 Loudspeaker.

This system incorporates the simplicity of a single driver and horn arrangement to deliver the ultimate in musical enjoyment.

Pure silver wire, used internally, further enhances the musical experience and involvement


The Lamhorn 1.8 uses the finest materials available. The cabinet is made of 25 mm ( 1" ) 17 ply, Brazillian Birch plywood without any voids. This wood is heavier and more dense than MDF of the same thickness. All internal and external wood surfaces are finely sanded and sealed before being screwed and glued together. The cabinet is finished with matched oak veneers as standard with rosewood optional. Matching grills are also supplied.


Internal wiring is pure silver foil GOERTZ supplied by Alpha-Core. It is the finest available and enables the music to flow with unmatched balance. Binding posts are Cardas Silvers.

The Lamhorn 1.8
Lamhorn 1.8 in Natural Oak Finish at T.H.E Show  in Las Vegas Jan 99


The Lamhorn 1.8 comes standard with REPS R-1 drivers.
However, Lowter drivers can be fitted without any modifications to the cabinet.


Natural, Red Oak, Black Oak and Optional Rosewood Available Finishes.


127 cm H. x 33 cm W. x 43 cm D. (50" x 13" x 17")


66 Kg. each (145 Lbs.)