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Triodes For Music Lovers
 jacket design by Shazlin.

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Triodes for Music Lovers - CONTENTS

Triodes for Music Lovers - CHAPTER 1
                                     a passion for music

for the Listener

Triodes for Music Lovers is all about wanting to listen to the music and not the electronics. this calls for being able to reproduce the microdynamics of the content and to do that, you need flea powered Single Ended amplifiers.
passion means emotional coupling to your favourite music. the hairs stand up on your neck, your throat constricts, your eyes begin to water. you reach for the next disc.
enjoy the music, the performance, the Conductor, even the concert hall; forget the electronics.

for the Builder

this book is dedicated to that happy band of constructors seeking to extract the fullness of musical truth out of the modern day digital media and especially for those with large collections of vinyl. it answers questions as to what tubes should I use, how should I string them together and how do I build a robust power supply to support all this? the quest for more truth is never ending.

ever wanted to know just what goes into creating the magic of Single Ended amplifiers? then this book provides some if not all of the answers ranging from the many amplifier toplogies through to the selection of the best tubes to use plus lots of tips and guidance as to the voicing of an amplifier whether you are looking for the absolute musical truth or seek absolute perfection from electronically reproduced music. amplifying systems built using these techniques will not sound slow and “euphonic” as expected of a tube based amplifier but quite the opposite – they will be “fast” and “dynamic” similar to the delivery expected of a top quality Mosfet amplifier! if you are looking for that extra helping of fast and punchy bass, then try one of the switched mode power supply modules; the difference in the sound will shock you!

developing the ability to make sonic choices lies within the covers of this book.


John Rankin.

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